Best Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy football season is already in full swing. Thousands of enthusiastic players have already completed their drafts early on in the pre-season, with mixed results (Jordy Nelson, doh).

It’s a game that requires knowledge and decisiveness like no other, in-order to select a weekly line-up you can rely on. Tony Romo or Matt Ryan? Will Arian Foster be fit to play this week? Rob Gronkowski or….actually that’s an easy one.

You’ll make multiple tough calls throughout the season however the toughest comes as early as the registration form: naming the team.

Of course; putting your own identity in the team name is an easy option. I’m sure “Dave’s Destroyers” will strike fear into the hearts of any fantasy veteran – but nothing beats a more creative choice that usually features some word play to get a laugh of from your peers.

We’ve searched the web to find some of the best names out there to provide at least a little inspiration if you’d prefer to be original:

  • Forgetting Brandon Marshall
  • Gotta Catch Jamaal
  • Saved by Le’Bell
  • Watt Me Whip, Watt Me JJ
  • Turn Down for Watt
  • I’m Here So I Won’t Get Fined (Good for anyone roped into a league that needed some slots filled)
  • Demaryius Targarian
  • May The Forsett Be With You
  • Revis and Butthead
  • Calvin and the Chipmunks (Packers, Vikings and Bears fan may refer to this team as the Detroit Lions)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Bortles
  • Cops and Rodgers
  • Luckness Monster
  • Jameis’ Crab Shack
  • I Can’t Believe It’s Not Cutler
  • Ladies and Edelman
  • Show Me Your TD’s
  • Wilfork on First Date
  • It Ertz When Eifert
  • Not My Forte
  • Suh Girls, One Cup
  • Belichick Yourself Before You Rex Yourself

If you’ve looked through this list and haven’t picked a name out (surely “Belichick Yourself Before You Rex Yourself” is an absolute winner?!) then maybe Dave’s Destroyers is your best option….

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