Brady and Emperor Belichick

Deflategate Internet Recap

Deflategate is finally over (kind of…please…please be over).

The story of Tom Brady and deflated balls spanned 8 months and almost took control of the NFL off-season – if you were following the NFL, you knew about Deflategate.

A huge part of a story like this is the creative, funny and, often, crazy reactions from a little place we all know and love: The Internet. With each development in the story, a new wave of memes, videos and jokes were filling up Twitter timelines.

No matter which side of the debate you were on; there was always something to laugh about. Among all the accusations, claims, lies, suspensions and appeals the world always maintained a light-hearted side to the story – almost making the last 8 football-lacking months bearable.

So, as much as we want this to be over, let’s take one last trip down memory lane and relive the extraordinary events of Deflategate with the help of some of the best creations the Internet has to offer.

January – The Accusations

The story begins following the Patriots victory over the Colts in the AFC Championship game.

Accusations are made that the Patriots used deflated footballs, an investigation begins and all eyes are on Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the Patriots organisation.

The Pats went on defence whilst the Internet fired up the offence:

Brady Deflategate Press Conference


Could two of the “NFL greats” be cheating their way to victory?! The reputations of Brady and Belichick were firmly on the line. Their relationship was an easy target…

Brady and Emperor Belichick

Brady Whispers Demands

Belichick blames Brady

This wasn’t the first time the Patriots had been accused of attempting to gain a competitive advantage over their opponents (Spy-gate, a famous example)


The controversy followed the Patriots through the build up to their Super Bowl matchup against the Seahawks…


Patriot Fans Superbowl Seat

Difference in 12th Man

…and Russell Wilson wasn’t the only Wilson in the spotlight

Hanks and Wilson

February – The Super Bowl

The Patriots went on to win the Super Bowl but Deflategate didn’t fade away as investigations continued – the new Lombardi Trophy design didn’t help matters

Superbowl Trophy Deflated


May – The Suspension

Tedd Wells finishes his investigation into Deflategate and his report concludes: “more probable than not that Tom Brady was at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities of McNally and Jastremski involving the release of air from Patriots game balls”.

Laughing at the Wells Report

The Patriots and their fans were on the defence against the report

But “more probable” was deemed good enough by the NFL so punishments were handed out, including a 4 game suspension for Tom Brady

Disappointed in Brady

The suspension was celebrated by some…

Happy Opponents

…but the Patriots and, most importantly, Brady continued to defend themselves against the claims

Brady Can't Throw With All Those Rings

The Patriots had to deal with the possibility of missing their star QB for the first 4 games of the 2015 season

Patriots sign Tim Brody

June – The Appeal

Tom Brady makes an appeal against the 4 game suspension. During his hearing a fairly normal courtroom portrait sketch was released…

Brady Courtroom Sketch

Completely normal….

E.T. Brady

September – Overturned

Tom Brady wins his appeal and the judge overturns the 4 game suspension laid out by Roger Goodell

Judge has Brady in Fantasy Team

Brady 1-0 Already

Patriots fans after ban lifted

Brady is overjoyed…

…whilst the NFL regret their choices

Eli could beat Brady

That is how the story ends. A truly epic tale…

The End

Deflategate Pulp Fiction

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