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Hard Knocks 2015: Funniest Moments

Hard Knocks – what a show.

Every pre-season HBO produce this truly great TV show to provide a fascinating insight into the preparations of one NFL team. We get a full behind closed doors look at what goes on whether it’s: on the sideline during practices, in the meeting rooms, in the GM’s office or in one the pre-season games – we even get a front row seat during roster cuts.

This year we got a look at the Houston Texans. Like many, we were expecting this to be the J.J. Watt show featuring “some guys” but we were wrong. Many other characters were introduced and developed over the 5 episodes that made this season one of the best of all 10 produced so far – even a boring QB battle couldn’t spoil the fun.

Hard Knocks is a very serious show but when you have almost 100 people being filmed, over multiple weeks, there are bound to be some funny moments. To celebrate another great season of the show, we’ve taken some time to select our favourite funny moments and produce a Top 5 list.

It’s worth noting that some of these are best enjoyed within the context of the original episodes. So if you haven’t watched it yet….DO IT.

#5: Bill O’Brien makes a mistake

The Texan’s Head Coach comes off really well throughout the series. This moment, at the start of the finale Episode, summarises his style: an f-bomb dropping ball buster who is fair and has a sense of humour (catchy).

Respect to O’Brien for accepting his error and handing himself the appropriate punishment.

#4: Brian Cushing doesn’t go to Starbucks

Episode 2 gives us a glimpse into the life of the Pro Bowl Linebacker. They start by portraying him as the “High School Bully” by showing some rough treatment of Alfred Blue during drills but they also show off his almost normal family life to balance things out – but overall it’s hard to believe Cushing is an easy guy to get along with.

Amongst it all is a clip of the Linebacker poking fun at DeAndre Hopkins for his taste in coffee establishments. Cushing really reels the Receiver in, making it seem like he’s about to make a serious point, before crushing the youngster with superbly delivered line.

#3: E.Z. visits NASA

Rookie wide receiver Uzoma “EZ” Nwachukwu is a true star of this years Hard Knocks.

In Episode 3, EZ (and some of the other Texans) visit a NASA Space Station and he loses his mind. The Rookie can barely contain his excitement throughout the tour and asks some hilarious questions:

-EZ: “Is there Water on Space?”

Water. On. Space. So much wrong with this…

-EZ: “So the movie Gravity, I have to ask, was that like real?”

Yep. George Clooney and Sandra Bullock really went to Space. That happened. And of course you had to ask that, I’m surprised you didn’t ask sooner.

-EZ walks into the Mission Control Center: “Is this real? I need to know if this is real? Oh my god”

Yes this is real. More real than the film Gravity.

None of the above discourages NASA from allowing EZ to communicate with astronauts out “on Space”:

-EZ: “I loved Pluto as a planet. Like, what happened there?”

-EZ: “When y’all are up there is it like a Rollercoaster?”

-EZ: “Can we see some of your food? Is it cooked? Do you grill it?”


#2: Rookie Skits

Almost every Hard Knocks season features performances from the teams latest batch of rookies. They usually involve bad singing and even worse dancing but this year, in Episode 3, the two groups attempted comedy skits, to much success.

Bill O’Brien labelled Khari Lee the “star so far” for his hilarious impression of the Texan’s Head Coach, which had the entire team in stitches. The Rookie never drops his straight face and delivers some fantastic O’Brien-esque lines from the stage.

You will need to have seen some of the previous Episodes to understand how great the impression really is. Also make sure you check out the full episode to see the other group’s sketch on JJ Watt and Clowney.

#1: Wilfork’s Dungerees 

Texan’s newbie, Vince Wilfork, is a big name player in the NFL. However, not many might have predicted he would be one of the stars of this years Hard Knocks.

His greatest moment comes during Episode 4, when he decides to turn up to some walk-through practices in an outrageous combination of dungerees and cowboy boots. The Defensive Tackle steps into the changing room to be greeted by non-stop laughter from his fellow team mates.

The hilarity increases when the Texan’s Head Coach turns around on the practice field and is shocked to see a straight-faced and dungaree-wearing Wilfork chanting “gotta compete”. This moment is fantastic and is hands down our favourite moment from this years Hard Knocks.

We hope you agree with our selections – even if you disagree with the order. If there’s a moment you found funny that didn’t make the cut then let us know in the comments or tweet us @thersfreshman.

We will miss Hard Knocks and cannot wait for the next series! But, in the mean-time, at least we have the NFL Season to fill the time.

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