Daddy Football vs Gridiron Girl: Pick ’em Week 3

Welcome to the true test of Wisdom vs Youth. One brave football fan is willing to risk it all by putting his knowledge to the test against his 3 year old daughter.

Each week “Daddy Football” and his daughter, “Gridiron Girl”, will predict the winners of every NFL match-up. They will also be forced to provide reasoning for their picks so we can expect childish, silly and ridiculous statements to laugh at (and that’s just from Daddy Football).

Can a 3 year old really best her own father at a classic game of Football Pick ’em? Let’s find out by delving into the highly scientific minds of Daddy Football and Gridiron Girl.

Daddy Football
Gridiron Girl

Washington Redskins @ NY Giants

Redskins – My logic with this game is how weak Eli has been of late, the fact he can’t count time outs shows his true weak side. Giants – “STATUE OF LIBERTY!”

Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens

Bengals – Baltimore are looking sketchy. Wide receivers are inconsistent and the Defense of old seems to be lacking since Suggs’ injury Bengals – “Tigers are better than birds”

Oakland Raiders @ Cleveland Browns

Raiders – The Raider’s win at home in Week 2 might be forcing me think too hard about this decision but the Browns going with McCown over Manziel after the young QB led the team to victory will be the demise of the Browns. Browns – “Their picture is a helmet, so they must be good”

New Orleans Saints @ Carolina Panthers

Panthers – The Panthers have been strong recently. Even with Luke Kuechly missing the defence is strong. The biggest key here is the missing Drew Brees, I don’t doubt Luke McCown but he is still a back up at the end of the day Panthers – “I think the cat will win, because I don’t know what the other shape is”

Atlanta Falcons @ Dallas Cowboys

Falcons – I think this is a given, unless the football gods smite Julio Jones in the same way they did with Bryant or Romo. Too many pieces of the Cowboys offense are missing to be a winner this week Falcons – “Stars are bigger but they don’t move, so the birds will win”

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ House Texans

Texans – As I write this, I am actually wearing my JJ Watt jersey but from an unbias point of view….their opponent is Tampa Bay, what more can I say?! Texans – “Texas will win, because they are the best” (Daddy Football wipes tear from eye – that’s my girl)

Indianapolis Colts @ Tennessee Titans

Titans – Although Mariota’s performance last week wasn’t great, it is nowhere near as bad as the train wreck that is the Colts Colts – “Horseshoes are lucky”

Jacksonville Jaguars @ New England Patriots

Patriots – Do I really need to say why? Isn’t this a given at this point? Jaguars – “Cats will win because cats are more fun to play with”

San Diego Chargers @ Minnesota Vikings

Vikings – Minnesota looked back on form as of Week 2. I feel we can all look at Week 1 as a one off Vikings – “Wow, I like the Viking, the lightning looks sad, so the Viking will win”

Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Jets

Jets – This matchup will be close but the Jets have had a good start to the season for a reason: they are consistent. Chip Kelly’s offense may take off later this year but I think it will need more time. Jets – “I like their name. JETS!”

Pittsburgh Steelers @ St. Louis Rams

Steelers – The Steelers are getting their beloved Le’Veon Bell back. Rams – “Goats might be better at football than circles”

San Francisco 49ers @ Arizona Cardinals

Cardinals – The Cardinals have been the team to watch, their performance last Week put them in a good spot for the playoffs. Deep down we all know they would have made it to the NFC championship last season if Palmer had remained fit. Plus I have the QB in my fantasy lineup, so he better play like a champion. Cardinals – “I pick the birds because SF is a silly picture for a team” (You heard it here first 49er: get a better logo)

Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins

Bills – The Bills have been impressive. I put Tyrod Taylor at the bottom of my QB rankings this year and boy has he proved me wrong. He still has a long way to go but with a defense like that, he is going to get the ball back a lot! Bills – “Dolphins live in the water, so the Bulls will win”

Chicago Bears @ Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks – I’m sorry Chicago, it doesn’t make a difference what QB you have, you still stink. With Jay Cutler missing you might have a better chance but with Kam Chancellor back things aren’t going to go well for the Bears. Bears – “Bears are really, really, really big, so Bears would win”

Denver Broncos @ Detroit Lions

Broncos – Contrary to my recent article about Peyton being a better President than QB that this point – he is still a great QB. He can’t throw to save his life at the moment but his game management will take this weak offense far. Broncos – “Horses are my favourite, so horsies will win”

Kansas City Chiefs @ Green Bay Packers

Chiefs – Ok, so I changed my mind several times before settling on the Chiefs. I can’t say I have a good reason but Kansas City has really impressed me. Also Alex Smith threw over 40 yards in one play the other week so maybe the winds of change are on their way Chiefs – “I don’t like the circle picture, but the other one is only a little better” Note: She took about 5 minutes of looking at the two logos before deciding this

That completes the predictions. We’ll bring you the results before next Thursday when we release the picks for Week 4.

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