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5 Reasons to Love Cam Newton

Don’t you love Cam Newton? Why not?!

Is it his playing style? His personality? Are you a Saints fan? Whatever the reason; let me present to you 5 alternative reasons as to why you should love the Panther’s star man.

1. Cam is Superman

Haven’t you heard? Cam Newton is actually Superman. He not only references this in his famous Touchdown celebrations but he attempts to use his powers to lead the Panthers to glory.

Here is actual proof (best viewed with Spanish Radio Call)

2. He’s Entertaining

Let’s be honest: press conferences and interviews can be pretty boring. Who wants to listen to the same old Football cliches over and over and over? We all watch to hear something insightful, funny or crazy. After all, even off the pitch, the NFL is supposed to be entertaining.

Cam is one of the few players who you know will give his full personality in an interview. He’ll make funny comments, act a bit silly and sometimes even cross the line or walk out if necessary. Whatever your opinion of Cam’s words and the way he portrays himself; at least he is himself.

Who remembers the time Cam kept referring to Suh as Donkey-Kong? I’m sure this annoyed all of the media present. Many would say this was disrespectful but I guarantee if this was Marshawn Lynch then everyone would be buying t-shirts with this caption on it.

Cam is also a regular on the NFL series SoundFX. When Cam is mic’d up you get to see his confidence, some might say arrogance whilst others might call it “Swag”. Whatever it’s called, it always brings a good SoundFx episode.

3. The Towel

When Cam is on the sideline he is often wearing a towel wrapped over his head like a hood. He claims this is a habit he picked up in high school as he attempted to emulate Michael Jordan who would place a towel over his head and lap whilst on the sideline.

Of course, some people have other theories about “the towel”


4. Working to inspire the next Panther’s QBs

Cam is regularly involved in charity activities and finds ways to reach out and help kids. A recent example comes from Twitter (see below), as Cam visited a young boy, Elijah, suffering with Cancer to join in an early Halloween party held by his family and friends.

Also don’t forget Cam’s appearance in the Play60 campaign, encouraging kids to be active so they can grow up healthy and maybe even lead the Panther’s one day.

5. He can sing

Lastly, Cam is an excellent singer…kind of…

Still don’t like Cam Newton?

Fair enough, that’s your opinion. But keep an eye out for future player profiles as we attempt to preach to you about our favourite NFL stars.

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