Daddy Football vs Gridiron Girl: Pick ’em Week 4

Welcome back to the true test of Wisdom vs Youth, as a brave football fan puts his knowledge to the test against his 3 year old daughter.

Each week “Daddy Football” and his daughter, “Gridiron Girl”, will predict the winners of every NFL match-up. They will also be forced to provide reasoning for their picks so we can expect childish, silly and ridiculous statements to laugh at (and that’s just from Daddy Football).

Can a 3 year old really best her own father at a classic game of Football Pick ’em? Let’s find out by delving into the highly scientific minds of Daddy Football and Gridiron Girl.

Week 3 Results

Both Daddy Football and Gridiron Girl got off to winning ways in impressive fashion and the competition is closer than you might think!

Week 3 Results

Game Winner
Washington Redskins @ New York Giants Giants
Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens Bengals
Oakland Raiders @ Cleveland Browns Raiders
New Orleans Saints @ Carolina Panthers Panthers
Atlanta Falcons @ Dallas Cowboys Falcons
Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ House Texans Texans
Indianapolis Colts @ Tennessee Titans Colts
Jacksonville Jaguars @ New England Patriots Patriots
San Diego Chargers @ Minnesota Vikings Vikings
Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Jets Eagles
Pittsburgh Steelers @ St. Louis Rams Steelers
San Francisco 49ers @ Arizona Cardinals Cardinals
Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins Bills
Chicago Bears @ Seattle Seahawks Seahawks
Denver Broncos @ Detroit Lions Broncos
Kansas City Chiefs @ Green Bay Packers Packers
Records 12-4 10-6

Take a look at the full Week 3 picks HERE.

Week 4 Picks

Daddy Football
Gridiron Girl

Baltimore Ravens @ Steelers

Steelers – Although the Steelers are missing Roethlistberger there is no chance the damaged and bruised Ravens will beat this incredible offense Ravens – I like the purple and black more than yellow

New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins

Jets – The Jets (despite still being the Jets) have got so much more to offer than the Dolphins. Tannehill really need to get his head out of his arse and realise the harsh trust of being a low end QB Dolphins – The Green team looks boring, and Orange is my favourite color.

New York Giants @ Buffalo Bills

Bills – This Bills team is a seriously big surprise to me. They have alot of talent and depth of roster Bills – The clothes (uniforms) are the same? But I like the Cow picture on that one (pointing at Buffalo)

Carolina Panthers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Panthers – Despite the issues Cam Newton has been having refs giving agist calls, the Panthers should walk this. If Jared Allen is on the line then expect this to be brutal! Panthers – I don’t like the pirate face on the red team, but I like the blue cat team clothes (uniform)

Oakland Raiders @ Chicago Bears

Raiders – I am not sure that this pick is because the Raiders are great or because the Bears seem to be on drugs at the moment. Oh, whats that, Jared Allen is just tradable now? Get outta here Chicago Bears – The Black and grey team looks really boring. I don’t really like the Blue and Orange one either, but it’s better than the other one

Kansas City Chiefs @ Cincinnati Bengals

Bengals – Dalton and his offense has really started to impress the world. I can see them actually getting to the second week of play offs at this rate Bengals – Wow, I like the tiger one, that is really cool!

Houston Texans @ Atlanta Falcons

Falcons – This hurts me as a Texans fan, I want to believe, but with any of the current QBs at the helm the Texans are doomed. With the added attention Watt has been getting on Defense in the form of triple teams, JJ won’t even be able to save us Texans – It’s like Daddy’s shirt and I want one too. (More loyal that even I am at this stage)

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Indianapolis Colts

Colts – I think this is a given….No wait, no it’s now, I am thinking of last year’s Colts. This is going to be a horribly close game for all the wrong reason. Shame on you Andrew Luck, shame on you. Jaguars – I like the Helmet, it looks really different to all the others

Philidelphia Eagles @ Washington Redskins

Eagles – It hurts me to say this as Redskins have got some seriously strong players that are being benched because of the Coach’s favourites. The Eagles offense should start to click at this stage in the season, I mean it has to right Chip? Eagles – The wings on the helmet look better than the stripes on the red one. Why are there so many teams with birds Dad?

Cleveland Browns @ San Diego Chargers

Chargers – What to say here….It’s the Browns, i’m not sure there is anything else I can say really Chargers – I like the lightning team the best. Why is the other team poop brown?

Minnesota Vikings @ Denver Broncos

Vikings – The child beater is back and in good form, gives me every reason to believe the Vikes can take thisgame by just riding on Peterson. Their defense should be a good matchup for the Broncos too Broncos – ORANGE AND HORSES, WOW!

Green Bay Packers @ San Francisco 49ers

Packers – Can anyone stop Rodgers at this point? 49ers – I don’t like either of them.
Ok, well if you had to have one, which would it be?
I don’t like them. The red one is a little better, I guess.

St. Louis Rams @ Arizona Cardinals

Cardinals – Carson Palmer is too good and the Rams are too bad. Seriously, is there a team in the NFL that has as much talent across Defense and Offense as the Cardinals? Cardinals – These ones are both rubbish too. The Red one looks a bit better.
Because it’s red

Dallas Cowboys @ New Orleans Saints

Cowboys – That Cowboys O-line is going to keep things rolling. This might be the one year where a whole O-line should go to the Pro bowl. Saints are just hard to watch at the moment and now that Drew Brees is gone can you even name any other Saints player? Saints – The gold one looks best, the blue one looks like all the other blue teams.

Detroit Lions @ Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks – I really did struggle to pick this game. The Lions still have alot of talent on that offense, but the defense has been dull and unable to impress anyone. Now that the Seahawks have given Kam Chancellor his pacifier back I expect the legion of boom to restart properly Seahawks – Another bird team? Why are there so many birds? I like the pattern on the Bird team helmet and the green stripes are nice.

That completes the predictions. We’ll bring you the results next Thursday when we release the picks for Week 5.

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